Blog #101: 7 Reasons Planoly Is My Favorite Instagram Tool

If you have started to use Instagram as part of your digital marketing plan, you may have quickly realized that doing everything on your phone can take longer than from your desktop computer. It can be tough to type and review what you want to say and make sure all of the formatting looks perfect. You also cannot schedule out posts for Instagram easily and see how your planned images will appear on your main Instagram profile to a new visitor.

Well, Planoly solves all of those problems for you and it is why it is the only tool I use to manage Instagram for our clients and here are just some of the reasons!

1.   Using Planoly on your desktop computer
I know Instagram is the mobile platform, and that is great for real-time, on-the-go posts that you want to do directly from your mobile device. But to truly “manage” your feed and have posts going out on a regular basis, at ideal times for your audience, it is best to do that work from your computer. I especially like to have mine hooked up to my oversized monitor so I can really see the feed as a whole and especially that 9 photo grid that new visitors will see right away.

2.    The drag and drop calendar
If you are like me, you change your mind at least a dozen times a day. And I really change my mind a lot when it comes to my Instagram feed, which is why I ABSOLUTELY LOVE being able to drag and drop images anywhere on the calendar. With Instagram, having a great aesthetic is important, especially for new people visiting your profile for the first time. You want your grid to have some design to it. With Planoly, you can see what that layout is actually going to look like with your existing content and your scheduled posts.

3.    Autoposting to your feed

There are several programs that will allow you to schedule posts to Instagram, but many of them just send a message to your phone and you still have to manually post to Instagram. Planoly allows you to autopost directly to your feed and you simply receive a notification once it is done! PRO TIP: Always go and check it out to make sure it posted the way you wanted. Planoly sometimes won't allow you to tag other pages or people, so that is something you may have to go back and add in, but it still saves you a ton of time in the end.

4.    Hashtag groups
Choosing or taking great photos and developing a clever write up can feel like a breeze when compared to figuring out which hashtags to use and then actually having to type them all in. That’s why Planoly’s saved hashtag groups are so AMAZING!!! No more remembering which ones you used recently or how to spell them correctly...just choose the group or groups you want to use, maybe add a few unique ones for that particular post and you are ready to go!

5.    Quick analytics
I love that I can see at a glance what my Top 5 Liked and Commented posts are, so that as part of my Marketing Strategy, I can make sure I’m doing more of that!! I can tell from my top 3, that people really like pictures that I am in and that are maybe a little on the silly side.

One of the biggest concerns I hear from people when asked to put images or videos of themselves on social is that they feel like they might be seen as bragging. But in this age of influencer marketing, where YOU are the face of your brand, you have to allow your audience to get to know, like and trust YOU. Keep an eye out for my article on Influencer Marketing to learn more about how to embrace being the face of your brand.

6.    Using Planoly to create drafts
This is especially helpful if you have more than one person working on your Instagram or if you need to have someone approve posts before you schedule them. While there is a draft section on Planoly, I prefer to just create drafts directly on the calendar and just keep them as unscheduled if anyone needs to review them.

7.    Crop photos directly in Planoly
There are a lot of tools and apps for making your photos look amazing before you upload them into Planoly. However, there are times when you need to get things posted quickly and that is when Planoly crop feature comes in handy. Note: Be sure to select one of Planoly's standard suggested sizes or you may lose your ability to autopost.

So how much does this awesome program cost?

I firmly believe in investing in programs that will save you time. Planoly has a free version, but even at $19 ($15 if paid annually)/month for 2 accounts, this program is a steal for all the value and time saving it delivers!

Other questions, we are sometimes asked about Planoly is, can Planoly post to Facebook. Yes, it can, if your autopost settings are set up within your Instagram profile correctly. Planoly has step by step instructions on the help page of their website to show exactly how to configure them.


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