Navigating Your Instagram Home Page

Are you new to Instagram and need help figuring out what each icon means on the home page?

I'm here to assist! 🎉 Let’s get started:

- The circles in a row across the top are Instagram stories. People post images, videos, polls, gifs, share other posts, and more here.

-  How to add to your story: Click the far left circle on the top row with the plus sign and your profile picture. You'll be able to add images, videos, and more for your story here.

- 🔍 By clicking on the magnifying glass you are taken to the popular page. These are posts getting the most engagement right now. You can also search hashtags, locations, and accounts on this page.

- ➕ The center icon with the plus sign is to post a photo or video to your account that will appear on your profile and the accounts that follow you will see it on their feeds.

- ❤️ The heart icon leads to your notifications page. This page is where you will be able to see interactions. People liking your photos, new followers, etc. will show up here!

- Clicking "following" at the top on this page will give you information on what the accounts you follow are liking and who they are following.


- The bottom right icon takes you to your profile. This is where you can find your profile photo, bio, and photos you've posted. This is what people see when they click your username or profile photo.

- 🏠 The house icon leads back to the home page.

- 📺 IGTV is the newest addition to Instagram. This can be found as the TV icon in the top right on the home page!

- The paper airplane looking icon on the home page is for your direct messages. This is where other accounts can send you messages to communicate one on one.

Congratulations! Now you are a pro at getting around Instagram. For more helpful posts go to:


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