Blog #101: 7 Reasons Planoly Is My Favorite Instagram Tool

If you have started to use Instagram as part of your digital marketing plan, you may have quickly realized that doing everything on your phone can take longer than from your desktop computer. It can be tough to type and review what you want to say and make sure all of the formatting looks perfect. You also cannot schedule out posts for Instagram easily and see how your planned images will appear on your main Instagram profile to a new visitor.

Well, Planoly solves all of those problems for you and it is why it is the only tool I use to manage Instagram for our clients and here are just some of the reasons!

1.   Using Planoly on your desktop computer
I know Instagram is the mobile platform, and that is great for real-time, on-the-go posts that you want to do directly from your mobile device. But to truly “manage” your feed and have posts going out on a regular basis, at ideal times for your audience, it is best to do that work from your computer. I especially...

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