LinkedIn Marketing: Positioning Yourself as a Thought Leader

During my April 1, 2020 webinar on LinkedIn Marketing, live attendees sent in some of their most pressing questions about the social media platform.  Some of those questions have been answered already in Social Media Success with Lisa Perry, an online community for small business owners. Other questions require in-depth explanation or demonstration and will be answered through blog articles such as this.

The following question is courtesy of Natasha Suber. Thank you, Natasha!

How can we help our company’s executive leaders and others be "influencers" using LinkedIn?

The first step to becoming an influencer or thought leader on LinkedIn is to build trust, and you do that through your profile. We talked about optimizing your personal profile or company page during the webinar, but I can’t emphasize its importance enough. You want your experience, professionalism, and personality to shine through your profile. Tell people who you are and why they should...

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